Catching Up With, Alex Ohm

Hey Alex, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name’s Alex Ohm, a Singer/Songwriter from the West Midlands. I’m currently in the process of writing and recording new material. Pleased to meet you.

For those who haven’t listened to you previously, describe your sound in three words..

Cinematic, Alternative, Symphonies.
– But then I also like: Musical Eton Mess.

Tell us about this week’s featured track, ‘Through The Storm’. How did it come about?

This song came to me completely by accident.. I’d tuned my guitar wrong but I really liked the sound of it, so I continued playing. The melody seemed to come pretty naturally soon after.

The meaning of the song, well.. I like people to take from it what they will; relate it to them, and their own lives in their own way. However for me, it’s about reflection, new starts and moving on.

What about your time at RML? What made you choose us?

I’ve known Ryan for some time now, and we’ve always shared a passion for music. It seemed the natural choice for me and I’m really happy with what we’ve produced so far. I’m looking forward to sharing the new recordings over the coming year.

Are you playing any gigs soon? Where can people catch you?

I’m currently penciling in dates and looking to venture further with the new music. In April I will be putting out my first release with dates to support that. I will also be playing a charity night for Diabetes UK at the Newhampton Arts Centre soon, which, if people could support , would be great. There’s lots going on behind the scenes at the moment, I can’t wait to get the music out there!

That’s great to hear Al! And finally, Biggie or Tupac?

​From the choice, I’ll say Biggie – but Dre is where it’s at for me in that field..

​Controversial.. That’s great Alex, cheers! You can stream ‘Through The Storm’ right now, on our Soundcloud!

Make sure to visit Alex’s Facebook page for all the latest releases and gig news!